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Marquees & Service






We also organize events in tents, we have more than 8000mt2 of space for your event. Fairs, fashion shows, concerts, weddings and any kind of marquee event, we have a vast selection to satisfy your every whim. In your home garden or on public land for private individuals and public bodies.


  • We can offer:  
    box 3X3 
    box 4X3
    box 4X4
    box 10X10
    box 10X100
    box 20X100
    generator set 100kw

We also make stage rental with assembly and disassembly carried out by our specialized technicians for every type of event or event is a very convenient and convenient solution. We have the predisposition of stages equipped with catwalk and intended for the realization of fashion shows, shows, concerts, conferences and conventions. Our specialized team will also take care of the audio / light service. The Service Audio deals with audio preparation for events and live shows we have technicians and sound engineers specializing in the field, the Service Luci is responsible for setting up structures for lighting and video systems for every type of event. Using materials suitable for every situation, live concerts, cabaret, theater and event in general.

We also have rental tables and chairs that offers the possibility to choose between different outfits.